Vision and Creative Tension

I would like to pursue further the ideas on Vision and Creative Tension based on the ideas in Senge’s book the Fifth Discipline.  I think for me the life of hard knocks and our human fraility really tested my tolerance for creative tension.  I think I lost my ability to have a vision for what could be some years ago.  I think I discovered that people are often less than perfect and do not always share my vision.  I think it is sad I lost that vision or compromised it. 

Maybe I was being pragmatic and trying adjust my thinking to the possible when things were not going my way.   I think it was a mistake to let go of the vision.   

I would encourage people to hang on to their lofty visions and just allow reality to be the challenge.  We are never aware of the growth, just the pain.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  However without that goal, we could be stepping in any direction.  Keep your eye on the goal.  Think strategically and act tactically. 

I think people with vision and belief in themselves create their own opportunities.  People with vision have a tough time but with the vision in their mind, they can weather many storms.  Without the vision, how do you know if you are making progress.  I would also refer you back to my blog on my cloud theory.   

  1. Jim Reply

    I recall Harvey saying in order to follow a vision you have to be a fanatic. I expect most fanatics have tunnel vision and are a bit delusional. The only thing is the successful visionaries are the one we remember.
    Several visionaries die for the vision. Martin Luther King is an example of a visionary who died for his vision. I expect Jack and Bobby Kennedy died for their vision.
    The tension they were able to tolerate was quite incredible. I remember seeing a documentary of Bobby and Jack working on the integration of a university in Alabama and the determination they had. Similarly in the Cuban missile crisis.
    And we think we have problems in our little worlds. Let’s not lose our vision. We are all striving for better world.
    Sometimes we get a glimpse of the goal. I think those are “perfect moments.”
    Is there a big data warehouse in the sky, where we have instant access to answers to questions we have not even thought of before.
    What is your vision?

  2. Graham Boundy Reply

    If you can imagine it you can make it happen? The biggest challenge I have with the whole creative tension issue is that there is a line somewhere between being a visionary and being delusional.
    It’s great to have vision, but a little bit of self doubt and caution is always required to keep your head on straight. A little dose of reality keeps the creative tension from spinning out of control.

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