Great Logical Consequence Example

One of the important principles in training children is to help them learn that actions have logical consequences.  If you do X, then logically Y follows.  Child does X, then Y logically follows.  X and Y must be logically connected.

I just heard of a great example.  The parents of my two year old grandson wanted him to give up his soother but wanted him to make the choice.  They suggested that he might want  to use his soother to buy some toy at Toy R Us.  At one point he decided that was what he wanted to do and off they went.  He cased the whole store and finally decided on a power washer.  He carried the big box to the cash himself and passed the cashier his soother.  Home he went and played with it.  Then went for his nap with no real problem.  Now he also had a night time soother as well and the next day he decided he wanted to go back and buy another toy.  Again he followed same procedure and he went to bed without a fuss.  He did not get to sleep quite as well but never asked for his soother. 

I thought that was a great example of logical consequences.  He certainly learned lots of different lessons about life and the consequences of his decisions.  Really neat.  I just had to share this great example.

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