Planning – WWHWW

I have been thinking recently about the various approaches I have taken to planning project throughout my consulting career.  Over several blogs, I will describe some of the approaches I have used and know about.  Each new project presents its own unique set of conditions and I adapt my various planning tools.   The first one I will talk about is one Harvey loved to talk about because it was very simple.

A planning project needs to answer three key questions:

  • Where are we now
  • Where are we going
  • How do we get there

Simple as all that.  My friend, June Ross, added two additional questions which I think really help:

  • Who is going to get us there
  • When

Now isn’t that the neatest little taxonomy of questions which clearly are embodied in every planning project.   How about we refer to this methodology as WWHWW.  I wish I could pronounce that and then we would truly give this methodology a life of its own.

I think I have used this as a basic framework in many planning projects.   We take these basic questions and superimpose some other ideas around the core.  More on these other ideas in later blogs. 

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