The Three G’s – A Consulting Methodology

One of the simplest packaging of a consulting approach is the Three G’s. 

When asked by a client to help them deal with a nagging issue, one way is to let the group Gripe about the issue.  This can be done by individual interviews and the meeting with small groups.  When you have collected all the material, you make a presentation to the group of your understanding of the issue and get confirmation.  The group then agrees on the description of the issue.

The next step is to have the group Grope for solutions to the issue.  Again this activity can be done in group brainstorming session, individual work sessions, and research on how others have dealt with the issue.

When the consultant has collected all the possible solutions, the group is then presented with all the finding.  Individuals are invited to pitch their favoured approach.  The group is then invited to Grasp at a solution.  The solution invites people to commit to actions.

So there you have it, a profound but simple methodology that produces results rapidly.  Remember Gripe, Grope, and Grasp.

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