Taking Action Versus Complaining

When things are not going my way, I often complain and criticize others to myself.  I realize this is not a helpful dialog even with myself.  The real answer if things are not going your way is to ask, "So what do you want to do about it?"   If I really work on answering that question and then taking action based on the answer, I can really make a difference.

Often I dwell so much on my previous mistakes, that I really get down on myself.  Logically I know that giving myself a hard time does not help.  I wonder often why I do it. 

Taking action is the real key to improving the situation, rather berating myself.  I also use the term improving the situation rather than solving the problem.  Sometimes solutions take longer than making improvements.  I often ask myself and others "What is the next step?"  Looking forward and not back, can be very helpful and encouraging.

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