Patience, Perserverance and Practice

I have been struggling this year with my golf game.  Now some might say I struggle every year with my golf game but this year was quite challenging.  However I persevered and the practice and patience is starting to pay off.  However I do not leave it to chance.  I take a golf lesson every week and practice what I have been taught. 

Now I must admit that a few times I was so frustrated I felt like giving up but that was only a passing frustration. 

I think on project we have the same struggles and frustration.  I think we need to be patience, persevere and try new things. 

I just read about a favourite story of Abraham Lincoln.  A frog was stuck in the mud in wagon wheel rut and could not get out.  His friends encouraged him to get out but struggle as he might he could not get himself out.  The next day his friends came back and found him basking in the sun out of the rut.  They ask him what happened.  He said a cart came along and I had to get out.  Interesting.  Do we need to have a cart going to roll over us to get us out of our rut.  If we keep doing the same things we get the same result, are we stuck in a rut.

With my golf my teacher has been very patient in helping correct some fundamental flaws in my swing and my concept of my swing.  I think we both have been patience, we have persevered and I have certainly practiced.

I think golf is an excellent metaphor for life, projects and most anywhere else you would like to apply it.  The reason is that it is all about how you address the problems presented to you.  Do you face them with patience, perseverance and practice? 


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