Improving my Brain Age

I received for Christmas this year and Nintendo Lite with the software "Brain Age 2".  This software is based on research by Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a foremost Japanese researcher of brain imaging, focusing on the functionality of different parts of the brain.  It consists of three parts.  One part called Daily Training, another Sudoku, and the other Quick Play.  Quick Play is to lets friends try it out. 

Daily Training keeps record of your progress and evaluates your Brian Age by a bunch of tests.  The training section consists of several timed exercises which are lots of fun.   In the Brain Age Check I have got my brain age down to 33, at least once.  Part of the improvement is my experience with the test but I do find myself improving.  The training consists of various memory, word puzzles, listening, arithmetic and imaging exercises.  The timing or score on each exercise is displayed on a graph.

The Sudoku is really great in comparison with the paper version.  You can ask it to tell you if you made a mistake but you are only allowed five mistakes.  However I use it not knowing if I made a mistake.  Then at the end you find you have not done it correctly and have to start over.  However I discover in which square there are nine places where you can put possible entries before you commit.  I place the possible numbers in a specific one of the nine slots so you can visually see which numbers are in each tiny square.  However I can tell you that some of the puzzles are diabolical and require complex logic to solve. 

All in all I give the software very high marks.  I bought another one called Mega Brain Boost which I do not find as good.  Not as scientific.  I think I will buy Brain Age as well because it is the first version of this software and will contain other exercises, I think.

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    Here is a cool way for just good old Word Arithmetic puzzle puzzles from Smartkit at

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