Celebrate the Positive

Why do I give so much focus to the things that go wrong instead of celebrating the things that go right?  Of course, we get back what we focus on, so no wonder we just get more things going wrong.

I am determined to deliberately focus on the things that go right in my life and celebrate them.  Do we all celebrate the good things that happen and be grateful for them.  I am going to keep a Gratitude Journal and make entries about all the great things that happen my life. 

I am becoming more aware of my negative thoughts and how they are self fulfilling prophecies.  I will accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.  I am celebrating my awareness by writing this blog.   

  1. mip Reply

    Another good post Jim. I agree with you. People tend to draw to themselves that which they focus on/think/exhibit themselves.
    I think that there is an important aspect to remember as well though, and that is a simple idea: sometimes bad things happen to good people. By that I mean, even when we are focusing on the positive, something negative would happen. In the last year or so, I’ve had a change in perspective on negative events that occur. I don’t focus on them, or better put, I don’t obsess on them, by I do take time to stop and…appreciate them. Yes, appreciate them. Why? I have a change in perspective in the last year in terms of positive and negative events. My mindset has always been that good things are like blessings from the Almighty while negative things are just bad luck, misfortune, or things brought about by my “not doing the right thing”. In the last year my mindset has changed, and I view both positive and negative events as blessings from above. Viewing them like that, it causes my perspective on negative events that occur to shift. In effect, I try and find a take-away from things that have gone wrong. I consider them as having happened for a reason; an important/necessary reason. In a sense, I eliminate the view that there are positive and negative events and focus on the fact that all things happen for an important reason, even if I don’t understand that reason. Like you, then, I focus on the positive….even if it happens to be in something negative.

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