Meeting Life’s Challenges

When setbacks occur or problems on projects, I find it difficult to see the opportunities in such situations but I just read a little inspirational piece that reminded me that everything we face is an opportunity to learn and grow.  We are often not aware of the growth at the time, only the pain.  However on reflection I can see the personal growth and learning that has taken place. 

Often I wish things were different and rant at fate for sending the challenge my way or castigate myself for creating the situation.  However I know well that all these things are just wasted energy because what is, is.  The only thing I can do is decide what can I do about the challenge.  One thing I often neglect to do is ask for help.  Being a very independent sort, I want to deal with things myself.  In the piece I read, it talked about asking other people for suggestions.

I recall reading a blog from Stephen where he was praising his team for dealing with a particularly difficult and frustrating challenge.  The team worked to solve a vexing problem on a project which was not of their making.  Those experiences really are inspirational.   "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."   

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