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I have been talking to my brother-in-law, Christian Vandendorpe, who is doing research into electronic publishing and we talked about the difficulty I have reading on the screen for books and the like.  I find I have to print most of the books if I am going to read them.  I regret doing it because it seems such a waste.

He tells me that electronic paper is showing a lot of promise.  I initially thought it was the black on white but I think it must be the way the screen is lighted or is it simply what I have been trained to read.

Apparently Sony has come out with an Ebook reader which Christian is using and assessing.  The 170 pixels per inch display is made by Philip’s, and employs a technology developed by E Ink. It can be read at any angle and appears just like paper, with very sharp black/white contrast. Because the reader only uses power when you “turn” pages, users can view more than 10,000 pages on four AAA batteries.  I would love to avoid the piles of books I have around.

If anybody has tried to Sony ebook Reader, I would like to hear about their experience.

  1. Jim Reply

    Christian sent me this note:
    As a footnote for your entry on electronic paper: http://www.tfot.info/articles/1000/the-future-of-electronic-paper.html

  2. Michelle Malay Carter Reply

    I have no experience with this but would love this technology to be advanced.
    I’m like you. I end up printing long articles and books and feel like I am am wasting resources. But the other choice is wasting my eyes.
    Let me know what you find out.

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