Database Update Delay Cost a Life

An article in the St. Petersburg Times on March 1, 2008, caught my eye entitled "Database Delay may have hindered search"  The article says the updating of a state database may have kept police from finding a mother of two alive.  The policed focused on a green Camaro and the police checked three nearby Camaro owners.  But King, who registered his car a month earlier, was not in the database, which is updated every 90 days.  The state wants updates to be weekly. 

Clearly the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process needs to to much more efficient or the system needs to be updated to a faster process.  Some of the ETL processes can be very cumbersome.

I think of Graham’s discussion about getting the transaction and inquiry database integrated.  Could save lives and prevent lots of fast moving criminals.  If the process was efficient, why not have the update close to online? 

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