Reframing to Make Things Positive

I think we all need to set a strategy for ourselves to reframe things to the positive.  When things happen that you might want to complain about allow yourself to bitch for a moment and then ask how can I see this differently.  Is there a lesson in this experience?

If everything happens for a reason, what was the reason for this?   

My biggest challenge is after a bad golf shot.  I am now deliberately allowing myself to briefly complain and then analyze how I might learn from the shot.  Frequently the common fault is I was not properly focused for the shot.  I encourage myself to focus, focus, focus.  I have a excellent routine which I sometimes neglect. 

So I learn from an errant shot, refocus.

Another example of reframing is being worried or anxious.  You can reframe that into being curious about how this will turn out. 

Being aware of an mistake can be reframed into being thankful you are aware the mistake and next time I will do something differently. 

We need some prepared thoughts to help us reframe events.  We need to be prepared to change problems into opportunities.  "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."   Are you tough?   As Bob the Builder would say, "Yes We Can!"

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