Interest of a Coach/Mentor

I recently graduated and joined Project X Ltd as a Consultant. My current assignment is as a Business Analyst for a major telecommunications company. Immediately after being recruited, Stephen assigned me a mentor and I have found this very helpful in my learning process in terms of aiming to be an effective Consultant.

I thought I would share what, in my perspective, is the most useful part in my relationship with my mentor.

  1. Having someone who knows the business globally but is not involved with the specific project I am on, who can give a fresher and broader “outside” look at it and provide a view that is not “polluted” by little bits and bytes of the problems.
  2. A person to canalize some of the frustration I face at work. As a Business Analyst spending time to “chase” after people and gather information, this proves to be quite useful.
  3. A person that forces me to reflect. When a situation arises and I don’t handle it very well, I often do not have/take the time to analyze it. Talking about it with my mentor allows to:
    1. Spend some time to define the problem exactly by phrasing it
    2. Talk about it
    3. And more reflect on this: “In the future, if a similar situation was to arise, how would I handle it differently so I do not make the same mistake again?”

As it seems that the career I am pursuing will be more focussed on the business and management problems (as opposed to becoming a “technical” person), having a mentor is a great addition to develop skills which cannot be learnt in University.

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