Communication Styles

I recently listen to session that talked about our communication styles.  According NLP, Neural Linguistic Programming, there are four primary modes, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Digital. 

Visual people want to see things clearly.  Auditory people want things to sound right.  Kinesthetic people wants this to feel right.  Auditory Digital people want things to make sense.  This is bit of an over simplification of the styles but will give you the idea.

I am primary Auditory Digital with Visual as a close second.   For me it is important that my inner voice can make sense to things and I can see them clearly. 

I like to work through mental models of things and then see them clearly. 

If you are interested in exploring you communication styles, one site that might help you is

What do you think is your primary communication style?  A practical use to the information is being aware of other peoples styles will help you communicate better with them.  If you want to communicate with me, things need to make sense.  Other people want to get a handle on things or want the hear the plan.  For the next few days notice what verbs people use that reveal their modes.

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