A Winner In Your Mind

"You have to be winner in your mind before you can be winner in your time."  I heard this great quote attributed to Jack Nicklaus.  I think it applies to everybody in every walk of life.  I think this is the principle of the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. 

I think one of the keys is removing doubt from your mind.  Look for proof that you can be a winner.  Think of all the people who have done it before you.  Imagine yourself as a winner, whatever that means for you and make it as real as possible.  Celebrate every step towards the winners circle. 

The real test of the winner comes in the example of Edison’s comments after failures trying to create a light bulb.  He said I now know a hundred things that do not work.  He clearly was visualizing himself a winner.

How can you visualize yourself as a winner?  Do you celebrate the steps towards winning?  Do you look for proof that you are on the road?   

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