Exceeding Customer Expectations

I recall Harvey encouraged us all to deliver ten percent more than the client expected.  I encourage everybody to think about how they can a create a delighted client.  One of the keys in consulting and most businesses is continuing relationships.  In order to develop a continuing relationship we must exceed expectations and develop a trust environment.   Then the client has confidence that you will deliver on your promises and more.

One thing I suggest is if something occurs to you that might help somebody but not really part of your project or scope and if you think it might be helpful, I suggest you make contact with the person and say that while I was in the shower this morning or driving into work I had a thought that I would like to share with you.  As long as you present it in a helpful way, people really appreciate that you care. 

In your current project, are you delivering more than the client expects?  How can you go the extra mile so that you have a delighted customer? 

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