There is Never a Good Time for a Holiday or Training

Good old Graham (my business partner here at Project X) taught me this one.  And by golly he is right.

But you know what they are both important in our effectiveness.  The importance of balance and personal growth are important to both ourselves and those around us that we deal with.

So why do I have such a hard time with it…

  • I just came off of two weeks of vacation and I had promised myself I would not be done my holiday without deciding and booking my next vacation.  Failed!
  • I was off and having a great time with family and friends, but still was wired in.  Failure!
  • Rested.  Pass!
  • Reconnected.  Pass I think…  Xmas is so busy it is hard to tell whether the time was quality or volume.  Spent some great time with Jen’s family and my sister Sue and her family and that was great.
  • Let my subconscious go at it.  Pass!  Came back with some clear thoughts on strategy and execution (gaps and plans moving forward).

I think though I need to book that next holiday.

  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    I thought that since I am currently on vacation I should comment on this one.
    Brian McLean (a colleague from well back) introduced me to the difference between a vacation and a holiday. On vacations he took his cell phone and laptop computer with him. On holidays he did not.
    My current time away from the office is a vacation. I am still connected to the grid. I am answering e-mails, and picking up cell phone calls when the caller id shows someone I want to talk to.
    Mrs. Boundy (that would be my wife, and not my mom) is actually the best at planning the next holiday on the last day of the current holiday. It has worked out to my advantage to let her also be the travel guide and planner. I pack my bags and get on the plane when instructed to do so.

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