Innovation Value Networks

A couple of years ago I remember discussing Innovation Value Networks and how valuable they can be.  I was in a meeting recently that reminded me of that.

As a recap of IVN – Innovation Value Network
My idea of this was that this was a group of people both internally and externally (partners, customers, friends …) who you are comfortable in collaborating with in a safe manner to look at breakthroughs on issues or operations.  Internally we often have groups or individuals who we gravitate towards because of familiarity or prior success – from familiarity, shared experience and common reference points.  We can often talk in a shorthand or feel more comfortable on the hairy edge with these folks.  Externally these are people you may have worked with in the past or partners, customers or vendors who have a different point of view and a shared interest in creating mutual value.

I myself am very lucky to have a wide variety of folks who I get to work with who are part of my value network.  They often help me put in context, challenge ideas, root myself or stretch me.  I am very lucky to have them care enough.

With the stability and common acceptance of social media we have new ways and abilities to leverage these value networks.  This makes it easier to innovate and collaborate.  Wikis, blogs and many other tools help us facilitate the open communication.  Heck the good old fashioned client working session or meeting can often open new ideas.  Isn’t that cool?

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