Strange Interviews

I was reminded by a blog called Mission Minded Management about mind games people play in interviews.  She referred to a Monty Python skit that is fun to see:

Often when you have having a conversation with a boss or his boss you find yourself trying to read his mind.  What you often want to know is the purpose of the conversation.  I strongly recommend that managers be authentic and not play mind games.   However many people hide their intentions.  Maybe they are uncomfortable with their purpose and thus resort to games.

I remember a bizarre conversation I had early in my career with the CEO came to my office to chat.   He had never done it before.  At a time when the organization was in chaos and he had just fired my boss.  He asked me to be a vice president.  I could not believe my ears and laughed.  I said that I was not ready and he really did not mean it.  I guess the bottom line was I refused the promotion.  The whole thing was a strange conversation but the bottom line was I did not trust him.  I always wonder what he thought about our conversation. 

  1. Stephen Hayward Reply

    That was a good monday morning laugh.

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