A Little Innovation for XMAS

So Jim did a post the other day on the use of the wii remote for new applications.  So those of you who know Graham and I we are HUGE fans of the use of whiteboards and such in the office. 

At one of our clients we are lucky enough to have whiteboard walls.  Sadly when working across multiple locations it is hard to have and share whiteboards in a cost effective manner.  So seeing the enclosed approach to whiteboarding I was pretty psyched.

So off I will go in the new year to try this out and see how it works (oh darn, I need to buy a wii – hee hee).  Then I will try it out with one of our team members who is often remote and see how we can leverage this.  What I would like to do is create a virtual room (offshoot of our corporate wiki) where we can do water cooler type conversations using whiteboard type interaction.

So take a look at how easy this is.  Hey Rex, want to try this out instead of just playing guitar hero 3?

  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    this has amazing possibilities. Which R&D budget do I track my time to?

  2. Jim Reply

    I think this idea could be quite revolutionary. Can you imagine having multiple white boards going at one time. Maybe the axiom “the guy who holds the pen controls” will change. Will we have pen wars?

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