I just took a course to teach me how to to do Reiki Level 1.  Reiki is a very gentle therapy utilizing energy that come through the hands of the practitioner to bring a sense of deep relaxation to the recipient.  The practitioner uses their hands to either provide a light touch to the body or by holding their hands just above the body.  This gentle therapy usually provides the recipient a feeling of comfort, providing an overall sense of calmness.

I have found that Reiki promotes

  • Relaxation
  • Calmness and
  • Well Being

The practitioner can practice Reiki on another person or themselves.  The recipient should be in a comfortable position either lying or sitting in a chair, as relaxed as possible.

My use of the process has been amazing and I can feel the energy flowing through my hands.  The people I have used it on have become very relaxed and often fall asleep.

The source of Reiki which means universal energy is from the far east and is now taught by many Reiki Masters in North America. 

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