Hospice Volunteering

Last year I decided to do some volunteering while I am in Florida because I was here more continuous time than anywhere else.  I decided to investigate hospice for various reasons.  I wanted to make a difference and make a contribution directly in people’s lives as opposed to indirectly on a board or fundraising which is something I have done in the past. 

I received excellent orientation and training on November 2006 and passed the background checks and started seeing patients in January 2007.  Every experience has been quite special for me.  I really feel I am making a real difference in peoples lives and improving the quality of the final days and hours.  Suncoast Hospice is the largest non-profit Hospice in North America and has 2500 active patience on any given day.  They have great support systems for the volunteers and a very professional group dealing with many difficult circumstances with care and compassion. 

I think being available to comfort and listen to people at this stage in their life is a real gift for me.  Each person has a unique story and a unique way of approaching things.  I find it quite a learning experience and has helped get rid of many preconcieved notions.  However one thing I find is that the every transition is a spiritual experience for me.  We are all so beauiful and complex. 

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