CoffeeCAST – #48 – Teradata Partners 2007 – Tuesday Sessions


Welcome to the 48th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd. Live from Las Vegas.

Hello again from Vegas – baby.  It was the end of a great week at the Teradata 2007 Partners
event and Graham and I continue on to discuss more of our thoughts on the conference.

Tuesday was a jam packed with some great stuff.  So we summarize at a high level by talking about today’s sessions that I attended:

  1. Future Trends in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence – Gartner Presentation by Donald Feinberg
  2. What’s Your Strategy for Master Data Management – A discussion on systems convergence
  3. Gaining CxO’s Support for your EDW and Business Intelligence – Ron Swift – Teradata
  4. Teradata Active System Management (TASM)
  5. A New Era of Data Integration with ELT approach – CTO one-on-one with Stephen Brobst of Teradata
  6. Active Ingest to Support Active Enterprise Intelligence
  7. Back Up And Recovery – early morning session
  8. What’s New with Stored Procedures
  9. The New Query Rewrite Subsystem in V2R12.0
  10. Table Functions: A Tutorial

So as you can see a lot of covered ground, so we only go into it in a couple of areas.

Download 48_coffeecast_48_teradata_partners_2007_tuesday.mp3

Listen in and we hope you enjoy and more importantly, hope you join
in the conversation.  So drop a comment in the blog or send me an email
and share your thoughts on the topic.

The audiocast is available on iTunes (as a Podcast) or here for download.  Have a great day and join the conversation.

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