Harvey Interview in 1986

I got an email from one of my partners at Gellman Hayward, Ron Gilmore, and he said he heard a clip of an interview with Harvey Gellman on the CBC.  The interview was in 1986.  It was really neat to hear his voice and his very friendly tone.  I always said Harvey’s voice had a sub-hypnotic effect, at least on me.  Everything he said sounded true.   Have a listen to what the computer industry was like from 1952 to 1986.


  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    Well I’m a few weeks behind Stephen on listening to the CBC broadcast and he is correct it was fascinating to hear Harvey’s voice again. And it did trigger a lot of memories of conversations he and I had. What’s really amazing is how when I worked closest with Harvey we were trying to figure out what Data Warehousing was going to be all about. In his 70’s he was still current with emerging trends in the industry. Brilliant. Thanks Jim. And Thanks Sheila Rogers too.

  2. Stephen Hayward Reply

    I have such strong memories of Harvey and hearing his voice was amazing.
    You know the more Project X Ltd grows, the more we need to remember and reflect on the beliefs and values that you and Harvey exposed and ingrained in Graham and me.
    What a treat this was.

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