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I have been experimenting with Facebook over the last few months and have found it a very interesting product with staying in contact with many friends and relatives.  Many people are using it as a fun tool and having a good time with it.  I then listened to a couple of recent presentation clips, one posted by Rex Lee Dreamforce 07: Cisco CEO, — "Future is about collaboration" on and then a follow up one by some CIO’s talking about new products being used inside their company like Facebook.  I am fascinated by the creativity of people taking ideas and making them business tools.  From the video I could imagine my computer screen having several windows, each showing the face of the people in my meeting.  If the bandwidth is high enough I could see them all in real time.  I find conference calls or presentations without video I become sensor deprived.  I guess I am a fairly visual person and need to see as well as hear so that I can feel the person’s presence.   

All of these ideas make me think about how powerful the Web is in helping empower people with ideas and things to say.  I could see how these tools being used by companies who are open to better collaboration between people throughout the company. 

I could see a version of Facebook being a company private tool for open communication.  I wonder if anybody has had an experience with such a tool.

I am also trying a product called Google Docs which allows shared documents which now has a presentation product.  MIP’s Scan called this to my attention.  See

I tried a Wiki a while ago and I could not get the members of the Senge Group to participate.  I expect people are being besieged by too many different ideas.  The real question is which ones will stick.

Another interesting collaboration product is discussed on another clip called "Search is Broken".  Have a look

  1. Stephen Reply

    I started my professional career selling videoconferencing solutions and they have come a long way and was lucky enough to have exposure to Bill Buxton and some of his work back in 1990s.

  2. Rex Reply

    You might be interested in the Telepresence video conferencing stuff. Life size video conferencing with directional sound capabilities.

  3. Cio Collaboration Reply

    Cio Collaboration

    Floyd finally (!) posted the video of JP Rangaswami\’ talk at the London UK Architect\’

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