Welcome our New Human Resources Team and System

Here we grow again.  Wow.

It has been a fun summer.  We have decided to grow our HR capabilities in house and as part of that we have brought Michelle Harkness on board to lead the charge in HR.

Welcome aboard Michelle.

One of her initial areas of focus was to shore up our human capital and talent acquisition practices.  Well, I am happy to say that using our Rapid Results approach we have now launched a new system and approach to talent management and development.

Update: Of course all of this coincided with a move of our email and web infrastructure so our email is down.  So don’t lose faith we want to hear from you.  Feel free to send us email to me or to Michelle which are temporary email addresses while we work out the outage.

So please join me in welcoming Michelle to the team and thanks to everyone else worked feverishly to put everything together, because we’re hiring.  Take a look at the new working at Project X Ltd careers page for more information.

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