Coaching Part 5 – Great Expectations

In reading a new book on coaching, I came across the idea of "great expectation".  I think one of the key roles of a coach is to have great expectations of the coachee.  I think it is a very powerful tool and one we could use much more.  Rather than putting demands on the coachee just expect greatness. 

I remember my older brother saying to me when I was a teenager, "Jim, you will be successful in what ever you decide to do."  That is an excellent example of great expectations.  Similar my mother counteracted many bad influences in my teenage years by her great expectations.  Harvey always had great faith and trust in me and I always wanted to live up to his expectations.

Those are great coaching examples.  We all aspire to be good coaches of our children and subordinates.  This one techniques if it is authentic can really be a great inspiration.

I have benefited from good coaching in all aspects of my life.  Seeking the counsel of good coaches is one thing that will really help you live a more satisfying life.

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