Law of Attraction # 9

The most important items that are common issues for deliberate Law of Attraction are relationships, abundance, and business or job.  I expect there are a couple of other issues that are common, dealing with ideal self and spiritual task.  My suggestion is to choose the issue that you are most dissatisfied with and focus on that for a while. 

You need to put in your vibrational bubble all the things you want to attract.  Although you may have doubts about whether things can improve, remember "LOTS CAN HAPPEN!!" 

Look around you at what other people have been able to attract in their life.  You can as well.

When small things happen, celebrate each one.  Relish and cherish each occurrence.

Another bit of advice is associate with people who give of positive vibes.  They are infectious. 

Each of the big issues has its own dynamics but the have lots in common.  The key is what you expect will happen.  That is the same things as saying what you vibrate will come back to you.  So watch you vibrations.

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