Connectors – Tipping Point

I was given a great example of a connector today and thought I would share it.  My cousin has a cottage in the same lakes as I do in Ontario.  She spent all her childhood summers here but moved to Seattle and has not been here for twenty-five years.  A few years ago she visited and got the Muskoka bug again and bought a cottage.  She rents it most of the summer and has spent only about a week in the spring and fall here for the last few years.  They were here this week and had a great time.  They were telling us today they had visited and talked with their neighbours and one of them who has their place rented right now invited them to their city place for a BBQ on their way home. 

I have been at my place for twenty years and am acquainted with my direct neighbours but we are not close.  The rest of the cottages close by I do not know at all.  My excuse is that we live on an island and cannot easily get to the cottages nearby.  However I expect it is because I am more of a Maven than a Connector, using the Tipping Point terminology. 

I figure that my cousin and her husband are connectors.  They keep in touch and make contact with lots of people.  They really love people and care for them.  I think it is just great.  An excellent example of connectors. 

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