Looking at Things Differently

One of the reasons I like working at Project X Ltd is that we look at things differently and are always trying to break down paradigms.

This isn’t to knock down the necessary functions of Enterprise IT, but to look at ways to get to customer value faster.  One of the challenges is in deciding on who the customer is.  In the world of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing this is the person who consumes the insight we work to garner – not our enterprise IT department.

So the challenge is that to do things properly we need to work along side and for the IT department to help them understand the objective.  We are lucky that most of our clients are aligned to this, sometimes we are not and that takes patience and coaching on both sides.

One of the areas of change in thinking is when is something ready to be used.  Think about it.

Would you rather work in a faster iterative manner that gets the data in the hands of the consumer faster, partnering with them to help them know the challenges of sooner than later.

If a business case has been made based upon the use of a deliverable, for every day you get the widget early the more you accelerate the value.  The challenge is that you need to also make it production stable and ready so that it can be supported and often that takes more time.  This is a time to think differently.

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