Law of Attraction # 8

I had a dramatic demonstration about the way Law of Attraction works for me.  I have been away for three weeks from my cottage and I anticipated that I would find certain things when I returned, none of them positive.  I really did not notice what I was doing, that is, attracting negative thing.  However I attracted exactly what I had put in my Law  of Attraction bubble.   I was absolutely amazed how exactly my expectations were met.

I do not know how I let myself get into that state, but I was given a powerful demonstration of attracting what I was putting out there.  I have never been so aware of what I had done to myself.  I had found myself in quite a negative mood and I am not sure where it came from.   I was aware of my mood but was not able to get myself out of my funk.  I find sometimes I just get feeling tired and need to let it run its course.  I wish I understood it better and what I can do to counteract it.  I must be doing things to attract this mood and will have to do some introspection to figure out how I am attracting the mood.

  1. jim Reply

    Adrian is absolutely right. The blog post was to point out that Law Of Attraction works both ways and I became very conscious about how I had attracted some negative things. Michael Losier suggests that when these negative ideas some to your mind, you ask yourself “So what do you really want?”
    This will change your whole thinking process to the positive.
    Only notice the negative thought briefly and move quickly to what you really want.
    Thanks for the reference to the report. Interesting that many years ago I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I also listen to his tapes. Awesome. Really turned my life around.
    I can still Hill saying in his funny accent “Definiteness of Purpose”.

  2. Adrian Reply

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