The Wii – First Impression

Last weekend I was introduced to the Wii and played golf as Tiger and bowled.  We also tried tennis and a fitness test.  I was amazed how physical the game was.  You really got into the the physical aspect of each activity.  I was quite impressed how much fun each game was.  I can imagine how much more fun and involved one would get into the game as one got more experience. 

Playing as Tiger I really hit the ball a long way.  However the key with the electronic game was just the same as the real game is the short game.  The neat thing would be that you could develop a feel for the chipping, pitching and putting with Wii just as you develop the feel in the real game.  However I question whether the Wii game would help my real game.  I wonder…..

Bowling was quite amazing.  I really got the feel of throwing the ball down the alley.  We really got into the game and bowled.  I really enjoyed it. 

Jennifer, a real tennis player, had a great time with the tennis game.  It really looked like something that you could get into.  The neat thing is the opponents match your capability so as you improve the the opponents will improve.  That is always a challenge with real tennis to find players you are compatible with you.  Wii really deals with that.  I am not sure it would help improve your real tennis game but has the potential.

The fitness test gave you a fitness age.  A humbling experience to be told but I understand that as you work with the tool your fitness improves.  I can certainly see that happening.  The test was quite a workout.

Overall my first experience of the Wii was extremely positive.  I am impressed that the Wii gives to player a physical and mental experience.  It was fun.

  1. mip Reply

    Good post Jim (I’m finally getting back into reading and writing blogs after some busy times at work and home). Glad you enjoyed the Wii experience. Nintendo has felt all along that they wanted to create gaming experiences that would involve mental and physical exercise. The Wii does that for the physical and the small handheld unit does that with the mental with games like BrainAge which I think Alessia showed you. Nice to see a post on this by someone who is not a traditional gamer.

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