Law of Attraction # 7

The key idea with Law of Attraction is that it is always at work.  If you assess what is coming to you, you have have found what vibrations you are sending out.  The good news is that we can deliberately attract things into our lives rather than leaving it to chance.  There are several techniques to use to deliberately attract things.  I have mentioned several already.  One really important technique is the words we use.

If we tend to use negatives, you will attract those things.  If you say, I do not want to lose this job, you attracting "lose this job."   If you find yourself saying this, quickly ask yourself, "What do you want?"  Then say the positive phrase.  In this case, you could say "I want to keep my job."   

Now another idea about words is that words create thoughts.  Thoughts create feelings.  Feeling create results.  So work on create positive words, thoughts and feelings.

Another negative thing that creeps in is doubt.  You do not believe you can win this big proposal.  Doubts create negative vibrations.  So we need to counteract the doubt.  You need to look for proof for yourself that you can win the proposal.  If you have won before, remind yourself.  If others have won before, remind yourself.  Whenever I win a new proposal, I find that doubt creeps in as to whether I can deliver.  I remind myself of my past successes and the doubt disappears. 

If you have a very big, stretching goal that really is hard for you to imagine achieving, remember "LOTS CAN HAPPEN!"   Keep attracting things and celebrating the little things that lead to the goal.  Rome was not built in a day.

When I stand on the first tee in a golf game, I remind myself that today could be the day that I shoot my best score ever.  I find that helps me start my game off on a positive note.  Another bit of advice Freddy Couples gives is for every situation, remember the best shot you hit in that situation before and keep that in your mind.  Freddy really understood the Law of Attraction.

One other piece of advice is choose a specific target.  In golf rather than aiming down the middle, choose a specific spot where you want the ball to land or finish.  Focusing on that spot, creates a high probability that you will hit the spot.  If you have a long putt, try to put it in the hole, not just close.  Aiming close does not have a chance of going in the hole, but aiming to put it in raises the probability it will go in the hole.

So remember, what do you want?  Answer specifically and address any doubts that creep in.  Go for it!

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