NetVault Backup and Restore Utility – First Impressions

I had a chance over the last two days to get some initial exposure to NetVault from BakBone Software.

So I was surprised, but in a good way.

This is a fairly straightforward product.  Some thoughts:

  • Job Setup – Easy all click and select and then configure
  • Scheduling – Very straightforward
  • Plug-ins for various Enterprise systems – Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server, Postgres, file systems…
  • Plug-ins allow for automated integration into the Enterprise system built in components.
  • Operation – looks very easy
  • Restore – only against already run backups.  Not able to set these up ahead.
  • Monitoring – integration and ability to monitor from outside, logs and so forth looks limited – possibly use command line
  • Integration with External job scheduling systems – possible command line available – could be cool

So far it looks like the marketing brochures promise.  And that is a pleasant surprise.

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