Law of Attraction # 5

I was listening to a tape recently of the book, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Bob Rotello and I was amazed that right at the beginning he talked about the Law of Attraction.  He did not call it that but he described the idea to a tee.  He said that what he likes to talked to people is about their dreams, not the sleeping dreams, but the dreams they have for their golf game.  If somebody shares with him passionately their dream he knows the person will achieve their dream. 

I have a dream to break 80 for eighteen holes and and I am working on manifesting that dream.  The book had lots of good suggestions on how I can manifest that dream.  I think the fact I put that tape in my tape player in my car was the Law of Attraction working.  I listen to the tape many years ago and it had being sitting around for a long time.  I call it sychronicity. 

One of the things he suggests is going around the course in your imagination experiencing what it would be like to have a round like that.  He suggests making it as real as possible so that when it happens, I will be familiar with the experience and not get distracted.  He is really big on trusting your ability on the course.

I think this experience is a great metaphor for using the Law of Attraction to deliberately attract and allow something to happen.  Each day I am closer to breaking 80.  I see others doing it and I know I can do it as well.  The key for me is to eliminate any little doubts that might creep in by looking for more and more proof that it will happen.

Another word that people talk about in Law of Attraction is manifesting.  They ask each other "What have you manifested lately?"  So I guess I manifested that tape because it was in a car I seldom but recently took it on a trip to the cottage.  I found the tape and put it on.  Synchonicity!

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