Job Challenges

During a discussion recently, people in the group all seemed to be overwhelmed or frustrated with their current activity.  I wonder if the time of year, early summer, contributes to the feeling or something else.  I wonder if all the jobs we have challenge us and that is why we choose them.  If that is the case, then feeling challenged and a little overwhelmed is normal.  I think we always want to be challenged in our job and certainly not bored.  So when we are challenged and things do not quite go as we would like, we often get frustrated.  Rather than complaining about the situation, maybe you could ask yourself what do I want and tell people what you want. 

I think also talking about your concerns and brainstorming with a coach or confidant.  Often a third party can often help by listening to you explore ideas on what you want and what you might do to resolve the issue helps.   I think a good coach is invaluable. 

I always found that every project or situation presents new challenges and I need to be creative about the action plan.  Often I am tempted to apply solutions I used for previous projects.  I really need to treat each problem as a unique situation.  If not, I will not really address the issue.  I do however find experience helps me know that I will be able to cope with the challenges.  I just need to recall the successes I have had in the past and that gives me courage and unleashes my creativity.

I do not believe it helps to talk to the people who share your frustration.  You need a third party who is not involved in the situation.  Even a short phone call can unleash your creativity. 

  1. Stephen Reply

    There are some good nuggets in there Jim. I find a safe environment to explore ideas paramount. White boards and discussions often help.
    And as with many other things often just telling the problem to someone else is all you need to better frame your issues.

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