Law of Attraction # 4

Before we move on, let us be sure we have identified our ideal _________ , then you should describe all its characteristics.  Really dream and make it very exciting.  Make it so exciting and fun that you really have strong feeling about it.  These positive feeling are the beginning of the process of deliberate attraction.  Write the description in a journal; not just a little sentence but several paragraphs.

One thing that you will find is that doubts will creep and you are skeptical that you can attract your ideal self.  These doubts are understandable but reduce the effect of the positive feeling.  However, to eliminate doubts you need to look around and see all the people who have achieved your ideal.  For example, with my golf game, I want to break 80 and have doubts, but I know many people like me who have broken 80.  I also know that I have come very close and if a few more putts dropped, I would have broken 80.  I think about how much fun it would be.  I am working on removing my doubts.  By removing doubts, I am working on allowing it to happen.  If I am in a round of golf and I know I am getting close, I know it will be important for me to allow it to happen as opposed to letting doubt creep in that will sabotage my good score. 

You can see that doubts really send out negative vibes that, in my example, likely reduce the likelihood of me breaking 80. 

Faith and confidence is something we need to cultivate.

As you eliminate doubt and increase your faith and positive vibes, things will start to change in interesting ways.  In order to be aware of the change, keep a journal and record each day your level of doubt on a scale of zero to 100.  Zero, being no doubt and 100, being extreme doubt (for example you believe it is impossible).  As you use these techniques, you will find your doubts reduce.  The change may be subtle but by writing it down you will see the change.

More techniques on allowing in future blogs.

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