CoffeeCAST – #44 – Floor Sweep Mentality and Details

Welcome to the 44th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  Well it is Wednesday night before Graham goes off to sail and I grabbed him to chat about what is on his mind and have a quick CoffeeCAST.

Todays conversation was funnily I think more about the mind and attitudes or approaches to common issues in Information Technology.  Today though we only focused on the following:

  1. Technology upgrades – The floor sweep mentality
  2. Attention Detail
  3. The life of Production Support

Download 44_coffeecast_44_floor_sweep_mentality_and_details.mp3

Listen in and we hope you enjoy and more importantly, hope you join
in the conversation.  So drop a comment in the blog or send me an email
and share your thoughts on the topic.

The audiocast is available on iTunes (as a Podcast) or here for download.  Have a great day and join the conversation.

In today’s CoffeeCAST we mention the following companies of which two are Partners of Project X Ltd.

  1. Stephen Reply

    Thanks. Sometimes it is easier to go geek. These posts and CoffeeCASTS do not always appeal to everyone, but maybe we can get Graham to do a post on some of these terms and their meaning so that we can reference it.

  2. jim Reply

    Good to hear your discussion but found the jargon or tecnical terms a little confusing. Is clicque and all those items Terradata terms? It would help me in my understaniding of the post.
    I was not clear why a entry would not work or whatever? Why would perforance degrade?
    Do not assume that all your audience have a the details.

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