Netezza to IPO

So I happened across some light reading this weekend and finally saw the IPO announcement.

You can find a little coverage in the Canadian Business online.  Good for you Gary.

Some highlights are:

  • Quarter ending April 30
    • Sales = $25.3 Million (US)
    • Profit = ($1.9 Million – US)
    • Special Prefered Dividend = $3.4 Million (US)
  • Expect to raise over $81 Million (US)
    • $10 Million to pay down debt
    • The rest to help grow the company

I went to confirm the information on Netezza’s site and only saw the issuance of the request to the NYSE.  So it will be neat to see the prospectus when it comes out.  when it does I will update it in my Teradata to Netezza comparison.

This is very interesting with the occurance of HP and their new product, Teradata separating from parent NCR.  This will put both Netezza and Teradata somewhat more in play on a takeover front.  Funnily though I did not see Teradata mentioned as a competitor in the Canadian Business article.

Update – David Kanter (thank you) was correct there is a full filing on the SEC site HERE,

  1. David Kanter Reply

    Hi Stephen,
    I don’t know how to contact you, so I thought this might be the most appropriate way – Netezza has actually filed their S1 form. You can find it online at the SEC’s website.

  2. Stephen Reply

    They also have a good product for people looking for a specialized appliance to perform analytics.
    I was wondering if by not mentioning Teradata they were stepping away from an effort to play in the Enterprise Data Warehouse area and focus on DataMarts?
    This evolution will be great for the EDW BI world in general until there is consolidation. Time will tell. Maybe SAS will pick up Netezza and add them to their quite of BI offerings.

  3. Vincent McBurney Reply

    Netezza have never made a profit and have used $68 million in funding to drive the high cost of development. So on the downside they have three years and no profit and face increased competition from HP Neoview, IBM Balanced Warehouse and an independent Teradata. On the upside they have increased revenue every year and have attracted tens of millions from VCs and seem to have a good product.

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