Management – My Attitude

I would like to explore my attitude towards line management.  I have always have enjoyed consulting and have helped many people with their management issues.  In addition I have been very successful in managing complex projects to a successful conclusion.  However I have never enjoyed line management.  I am not sure why. 

One of the things I really enjoy is the challenge of new things and new problems.  I also function best when I have a clear focus.  When things become routine and operational I think I get bored.   However there may be an underlying attitude about controlling other people.  I much prefer to work in teams working towards a clear focus. 

Another possibility is that I do not handle issues of control well and when I am in charge I do not behave in a way that motivates.  Not sure about that.  The success I have had on projects indicates that may not be true.  When the focus is not clear and others have different agendas I find that difficult as a manager.  However as a consultant I have always been accepting of all kinds of different behaviors.

I always find book on management very fascinating because they reveal to me that my confusion about management is shared by many.  I suspect my enjoyment and success as a consultant gave me a clear focus and I never was interested in becoming the manager.  I always supported others in management positions well.   

I think we attract and allow things to happen in our life based on the vibrations we put out there.  I clearly gave very positive vibrations to being good consultant with clear focus of helping the client.  That is what I attracted in my life.

If you are having difficulty becoming a successful manager or getting that promotion, take a serious look at what you are attracting in your career.  You are getting what you put out there and work on changing your feeling towards management and deliberately imagine yourself in a successful managemant position.  Work on attracting it to your career and expect it to happen.  Read some of my blogs on law of atraction for more techniques. 

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