The Power of Presence

Wow.  It has been a crazy bit of time over the past little bit.

I was thinking today of a post to try and bring me back into the blogging mode and couldn’t think of anything brilliantly technical or on the leading edge.  That is for next week.  But I did come up with some thoughts on the power of presence.

When Graham and I look for people, one of the things is that they have presence.  Sometimes this is just that they show up, but more it means that they get involved, share explore, step up to issues.

We are happy to have someone join us who has shown that in spades over the past 3 months.  They know who they are, but I am going to take a moment to talk about what this means in this case.

  • Stepping up to the issues that are faced
  • Looking and listening to the issues
  • Not just looking at the surface, but digging into the issues

This is just the beginning.  This transcends to commitment to the goal of the whole, not just themselves.  The last week has been some long hours, working weekend to help a client.  I have had the pleasure to be involved all through this process, on calls, sharing emails at all times.  Thankfully I was not up at 3am babysitting  something but I think the point is there.

He is not the first person I have been lucky to work with, happily we have many.  But some reflections today made me think of the post.

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