Law of Attraction # 3

The Law Of Attraction has become quite popular these days with the movie called "The Secret."  The problem with the movie is that it talks about the effect but does not explain how to use the Law. 

Losier in his book, The Law Of Attraction, explains in simple steps the way to use Law of Attraction.  I am using his material and some other reading I have done to explain the procedure of LOA. 

However LOA is working all the time.  You get back the vibes you send out.  So if you are unhappy about what is happening in your life, LOA says it is the vibes you are sending out.  In order to change what is happening in your life, you need to learn how to deliberately attract what you want.  Sometimes it is easier to identify what we do not want, than what you want.  By using the Clarity thru Contrast work sheet, you can then identify what you want.  If somebody around you is really negative, you can shift their vibes by asking them "What do you want?"  In responding they will shift to the positive and create positive vibes. 

The LOA is always working and we are not always positive.  We can monitor ourselves and when you find yourself complaining, ask "well then, what do I want?"  It will help shift the vibes to positive. 

One great help in keeping you vibes positive is to be around others who are positive and support your positive vibrations. 

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