Law of Attraction # 1

I have been interested in Michael Losier’s ideas since I heard him speak at a seminar sponsored by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.  He is the author of Law of Attraction: The Science Of Attracting More Of What You Want And Less Of What You Don’t.  The book is a very practical book on how to put into practice "The Secret."  This winter I decided to use the ideas to improve my golf game and I brought my handicap down six strokes.   I have listened to several of his mini workshops on the Internet but did not have the book.  I am now going to get the book and work on the ideas in some other areas of my life. 

The basic concept is very simple.  The vibes you send out, you get back.   One way of figuring out what vibes you are sending out is the look at what you are receiving.  Those are the vibes you are sending out.   

Michael then talks about deliberate attraction.  Rather than just going with the flow, he suggests ways of deliberately attracting the things you want into your life, work, relationships, or any part of your life. 

First you need to express what you want.  If you find yourself expressing a negative, ask yourself "what do you really want?"  If you find that difficult he suggests a Clarity through Contrast work sheet.  Download Clarity_through_Contrast2.pdf   On a sheet of paper divide in down the middle by a line.  On the top of left side put "what I do not want" and the "what I want" .  First put some things on the left side.  Then put the contrasting positive on the right.  When you have put the positive down, cross out the negative one with some passion.  From this list of what you want create some ideals.

You then go Through a process of attracting and allowing the ideal to happen.  I will say more about that in the another post.

I suggest everyone who reads this take ten minutes to do this exercise, right now.  Keep it so that you can then apply the ideas that I will present in future blogs.

So what are vibes?  They are the moods and feeling we express through everything we do and say.   You can always detect he vibes that others are transmitting. 

If you would like to explore Michael Losier’s material yourself, go to

  1. Jim Reply

    I have looked at the post and based on Michael Losier’s work, my understanding of the Law of Attraction is quite different. The Law as he presents it is at work all the time and we attract the vibrations we send out. I think “The Secret” does not present the practical way of understanding the Law of Attraction. Somehow it in implying you can affect what happens to others. My understanding is that Law of Attraction has to do with what you are attracting and allowing in your life. Radically different ideas.
    Of course things happen in our lives based on forces betond our control, the key is how we respond to these events. If we are negative or positive, will determine how we respond to the event and thus what we allow and attract.
    I think Law of Attraction is a very personal thing about our response to the world. I have no idea how ethics come into the puzzle at all.
    I suggest that you try Losier’s approach in your life and see how it goes rather than rejecting it philosophically.
    Thanks for the comment. I welcome additional dialogue.

  2. parodie Reply

    I have read a very interesting discussion of this book and its concept from a Wiccan perspective – specifically, the lack of moral responsibility in the process – there is no weighing of what you want in light of the needs of others. As she quite interestingly points out, this is really only ethical if you don’t really think it’ll work.
    If you’re curious, the post is here:

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