Have you every noticed that the most positive people have the most positive things happen to them?  The Law of Attraction says that that is the way things are.  We get back the vibes we send out.  We attract things in our life, in our work, in our relationships and in every aspect of our life that we project.  My experience really matches that rule.  When I am feeling optimistic and positive good things happen to me.  When I am in a foul mood, not so nice things happen.   The most disarming part of this is that we have complete control of how we feel.  When you are in a down mood, you do not feel you have control but the good news is that you do.  These days there are lots of techniques that will change your mood if you want to.  However you may still be skeptical so let me explain it logically.

Do events control our mood?  Well, they influence it but really it is our interpretation of the event that determines our mood.  People will claim that it is body chemistry or something else that determines our mood.  I will grant you they certainly have an effect and there are pills that can alter your mood.  However my guess it only breaks the cycle.  Now you have an opportunity to develop some other techniques so that you do not need pills.   

Simply stated an event is a stimulus to which you respond.  How you respond depends on what you believe about the event or stimulus.  It a simple as ABC.  A is the event, B is the belief, and C is your response.  Now if this is repeated cycle the response gets to be a habit and the time between A and C is very short.  To change our response we need to break the cycle. 

So what has that got to do with my job today?  How to you respond to the challenges of your job?  When something does not go your way, do you have a silent temper tantrum?  You know one definition of a depression is a silent temper tantrum.  So the key is how you respond.   The key is to develop the habit of saying what can I do about it. 

I have a story that I used to remind myself of interpretation of events.  One summer I was at army cadet camp and we all complained about the food.  One of the favourite pastimes I discovered was complaining about food.  So I would go to the canteen and buy my own food and you know as an active teenager I had a voracious appetite.  The result was I spent all my spending money at the canteen.  I quickly realized if I was going to have any money to go to town and see the girls, I should eat the food in the mess hall.  The food really quite edible and as long as I did not pay attention to all the complaints and eat what I liked of the food they served, I would have money to go to town.  My lesson from that was if you are not willing to do something to change the situation, do not complain.  All it will make you in unhappy and in this case feeling sorry for yourself.  No money, no trips to town.

Similarly I had a long drive to work everyday.  I decided that I would not complain about the drive unless I was willing to do something about it.  I used the drive for private time to learn new things.  I listened personal development tapes, book tapes, music, and lots of good thinking time.  I now make the same drive and cannot believe I put up with it for so many years.  I do not have to make that drive now.

You need to make up your own stories to remind yourself about the beliefs you have about life.  If you do not do it consciously, you unconscious belief system will take over and you will not benefit from the lessons that life teaches you. 

Do when life hands you a challenge, say "well what am I going to do about it?"  If you find yourself saying "I don’t like or want ——."  Immediately ask yourself, "what do you want?"  Then focus on what you want, because you get what you focus on.

Sychronicity is not magic.  We attract these things so let us all start to attract positive things in our life.

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