Role of the Consultant # 3

Often the role of the consultant is to introduce change in an organization.  This can come in many forms.  However it is obvious the client wants something to be different when you assignment is finished.  So the assignment always involves change.  The success of the project is often measured by the success of the change. 

So as a change agent, I think it is really key to understand how to effect change.  That is why I have spent so much time talking in the blogs about readiness.  People will do what they are ready to do, nothing more nothing less.   I used to think that the truth or logic governs people’s behavior.  However I learn that we all have our own private logic.  Everybody sees the elephant from different perspectives.  This story I am alluding to was several blind men were asked to describe an elephant.  Each one touches the elephant at a different spot and describes something quite different.  Whose logic was right?  They were all right, just different perspectives. 

So now understanding how to help people make changes is really key to being a effective consultant.  Nobody said it was easy but I can honestly say the satisfaction of making effective changes is worth the effort.

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