Role of the Consultant # 2

Many consultants are hired for their expertise in some area.    Sometimes they are asked to produce something; a report, a design, a plan, or a program.  However how a consultant responds to this request determines if the consultant is effective or not.   Effective consultant must make sure they are very clear what the requirements are for what they have been ask to produce.  Often the client lacks the expertise to really express the requirement clearly, so the consultant must help to make sure what is done meets the need.  Sometimes the need will not be met by meeting the requirement.  A effective consultant looks beyond the requirements to the actual needs of the client.

Going beyond the obvious is what the expertise of the consultant can offer the client.  For example, if you are asked to build a query that will produce a type of report.  If the report will not provide the information the client wants, the consultant has the expertise to give the client the report he needs.

Sometimes by making something more general than the specific request will give the client much more value.  That really provides value for the client.  How effective an expert are you?

At Project X, we look beyond the requirements and address the real needs of our clients.  We strive to be effective in producing rapid results.

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