Books That Really Stick

I was reflecting on the books I have read that really stick.  What I mean is books that the ideas have some lasting effect on you and your life. 

I would like to say that Steven Covey’s books about highly effective people stuck but it really did not.  I think his ideas on principle and time management are really great.  I guess his thing about important versus urgent really stuck.

Built to Last, a book about visionary companies that survive and thrive, was one that I quote often and really like many of the ideas.  I think if I had invest in his visionary companies when I first read that book I would be have done very well in the market.  The big, hairy audacious goal is an idea that really stuck.

Of course, The Fifth Discipline by Senge has really stuck with me.  His ideas of a learning organization are really first class.  I think it is very difficult to implement in an organization but as I apply the ideas to myself and organizations I help, they really seem to be good principles.  I also like his learning disabilities of organizations.  I expect I identify with those more than the five disciplines.  They are quite profound concepts.  His systems thinking concept is really something.

I have read "Conversations with God" by Walsh and found it very thought provoking and helpful in my search for spiritual enlightenment.  They are a series of book and quite challenging of old religious concepts of God.

Of course The Power of Now and The Presence Process are two books that really changed my thinking about time, the universe and everything.  Have not really traveled very far down that road yet but I am patient.

In fiction, I have not read much lately but really liked Asimov’s science fiction.  I really found a book called "The End Of Time" by him a great read.   The Dune series started out well but got lost I think.

Recently I read "The Tipping Point" and I find I am quoting examples from it often.  I am not sure if it influences my behavior but certainly is a great conversation piece.  They had some examples of how things take on a life of their own, like teenage suicides, that changes my interpretation of events in the news.  They had quite an analysis of teenage smoking and smoking in general which was very interesting.

I also read "Chasing Daylight", the story of a senior executives last days after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  It inspired one of the best discussions at our Senge Group in a ling time.  A very thought provoking book.

What are books for you that stuck?

  1. Rex Reply

    There are two business books that truly altered my way of thinking. They would be.
    1. Good to Great
    2. The Innovator’s Solution
    Other books that I have enjoyed, but didn’t really have a profound impact would be.
    1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    2. Wikinomics
    3. Crossing the Chasam
    4. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
    5. The Google Story
    Popular books that just didn’t resonate with me. That I didn’t agree with or simply just reinforced my current thinking.
    1. What managers really do
    2. Who moved my cheese
    3. Servant Leader
    4. Living on the Fault Line
    Books that are on my “still must read list” but I’ve heard concepts taken from…
    1. Tipping Point
    2. Wisdom of Crowds
    3. Blink

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