Readiness Example #2

I had done some really good consulting work with this organization and was asked to propose on a systems planning process.  It was a competitive proposal but I felt I was in a good position to win the bid.  I proposed a very creative planning process that included a planning process which included identifying rapid results projects as well as an overall plan.  Much to my chagrin the other consultant proposed a classical master system planning project and they won.  I was quite disheartened.  I had misjudged the organizations readiness to make changes quickly.

The consultant came up with a big plan to build a major inventory management system that would save the company lots of money after the project was finished.  Three years into the project it was canceled because they could not get a system people were ready to use. 

I was very disappointed in that I was not able to persuade the organization of the wisdom of my approach.  I could have saved the organization several million dollars if I was a better persuader.  I was not ready to adapt my approach to fit with the readiness of the organization.  I really was not listening carefully enough because I thought I knew the organization. 

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