Readiness and the Stength of Demands

Another key factor affecting readiness is how senior people make demands of their subordinates.  If the senior make clear demands and mean them can really affect peoples readiness.  One interesting phenomenon is higher up the management chain the weaker the demands get.  Often very senior people state their "demands" in the form of a statement like "I would like ……" or "I wish that…."   How is that for an weak demand.  I am not sure why this is the case but I have observed frequently.

So often a foreman will give very clear instructions to his subordinates.  His boss will just give more vague instructions.  Then as as it goes up the chain it gets weaker and weaker.   Maybe senior people could learn how to ask for specific results as opposed to saying what they want people to do. 

Demand results and you will get them.  People are really ready to follow clear directions.

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