Assessing Readiness

I will provide in this post some ideas on assessing readiness.There are many factors in creating readiness.  Some are personal, some are organizational, some are from history and some our related to relationships.

If a person says "I’ll try."  Alarm bells should go off.  Try is a statement of bad intention.

If a person says "I should ……"  You must also hear at the end "but I ain’t gonna."  Again alarm bells.

Look at the most influential people in the organization and what their position is.   They are really a huge factor in the success of any project.  The most senior fellow may not be the most powerful person.  Look at who has control of most of the people and budget.

Look at the culture of an organization.  If it is an engineering organization, senior engineering people rule.  In a sales oriented organization, sales rules.  The struggle between sales, delivery, accounting, and management is an important diagnostic tool.

History of the organization and how they have made changes in the past is a important clue.  Remember that most organization will do what they have always done, and get what they always get.  That is why a Rapid Results approach is really important.

Lots of other factors.  More later.  Using a Rapid Results approach will really help developing readiness in an organization.  I will give a specific example in another post.

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